The strong points of Sanitizer SNT-O3

  1. Completely automated process
  2. Dust Filter and O2 Catalyst
  3. Standard ozone, temperature and humidity sensors
  4. O3-O2 reconversion at the end of the procedure
  5. Printable service report

Virucidal at 99,99% against SARS-CoV-2 (certificated by the University of Ferrara)

The SNT-O3 operates stand-alone.

The SNT-O3 is activated directly from outside the vehicle through a remote control supplied with it, or the free AIR2 SAN APP, and provides a completely automated sanitation of the passenger compartment. In fact, the operator has nothing to worry about, not even selecting the vehicle since SNT-O3, thanks to its ozone, humidity and temperature sensors, automatically provides the correct level of saturation. When the green light appears in the display or the specific indication in the APP, the vehicle is ready to be returned to the customer, without any further operation.

In order to guarantee the utmost efficiency and professionalism of the operation, SNT-03 acts through three phases:


SNT-03, thanks to its ozone density, temperature and air humidity sensors, calculates and quickly reaches the ideal amount of ozone needed to sanitise the environment, avoiding excesses of gas that could damage furniture and tools.


During this phase, thanks to its microprocessor, SNT-03 keeps the amount of ozone stable for the time required for a proper sanitation of the environment.


At the end of the sanitation, thanks to the phase that converts the ozone into oxygen, in a short time, SNT-03 reduces the residual ozone to an amount that is not harmful for humans, in order to be able to re-access the environment immediately.

Technical Manual

Quick Guide

Free APP

SNT-O3 also has a free AIR2 SAN APP that can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. With the APP, you can check the progress of the process step by step, view a list of the operations carried out and generate a PDF document that can be printed and that certifies the proper sanitation of the vehicle, which is extremely important.

For further information on the efficiency of the ozone against the Coronavirus